Mayday Mayday Mayday

Why signal Mayday Mayday Mayday?

Mayday is the distress signal for helpThis of course is the international signal for distress, and it’s used in many situations to signal the need for help.

It’s used when planes are in distress, when boats and ships are having an emergency, it was used during 9/11.

Derived from a French phrase “venez m’aider” it literally means “come help me”.

In 1923, Frederick Stanley Mockford, a senior radio officer at the Croydon Airport in London was asked to think of a verbal signal of distress that would be recognized and easily understood as an emergency call.

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Boat Knots

Are All Knots Created Equal?

KnotsAre you comfortable with your knot tying skills?

Part of the basic fundamentals of sailing a boat is understanding how to tie proper knots.

Although it doesn’t seem like such an important thing, it can mean the difference between securely tying your boat to the dockĀ  and finding it adrift in the sea.

Many boaters have lost their boats during rough weather, thinking they had them securely tied up, when in fact they weren’t.

Tying knots is a critical part of successful boating as well as understanding which knots you use for different situations.

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Clean Boat

Are You Ready to Clean Your Boat?

Clean boatAs much fun as our boats are, they do require a certain amount of maintenance and cleaning to keep them in good condition.

Keep in mind that your boat is exposed to weather, hot, windy or cold, as well as water, salt, fresh and everything that’s in the water. It’s understandable that it’s going to need a good scrub down periodically.

Cleaning your boat can be rather time consuming, but the key is to keep it clean and don’t go for long periods between cleanings. This will eliminate extreme build ups of dirt and water scum.

You can also reduce the need for some cleaning by using a good boat cover when you’re not using it.

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